VITCO offers a full line of high pressure breathing air compressors for fire fighting, scuba diving, oil patch breathing air, homeland security teams, haz-mat response teams, for industrial breathing air users, laboratory breathing air, commercial diving, and paintball cylinder refilling. VITCO offers a complete line of proven and economical compressors in station or mobile applications.


The CENTAUR All-in-one breathing air compressor package is the flagship of the Stallion line.
This machine is a work horse that is quiet, easy to operate, easy to service and built to last.

CENTAUR Features:

 Fully enclosed, noise reducing cabinet with integrated fill station and air storage
 NFPA compliant
 Compressor block operates at 6000 psi

 Compressor block operates at low RPM‟ for smooth, quiet operation and increased longevity
 Oversized crankshaft bearing for increased longevity
 Pressurized and splash lubrication
 Enhanced cooling capacity for improved air purification and increased longevity of the compressor 
 Enhanced condensate removal system for improved purification capacity
 Service points easily accessed (without disassembly) for maintenance cost reduction
 Integrated logic controller and visual display for operational simplicity
 Innovative "Sample Tap System" (STS) air testing port with automated circuit and scheduled visual reminder
 Integrated Carbon Monoxide Monitor with scheduled visual reminder
 Noise level < 75 dBA at 3 feet (without sound attenuation)


PEGASUS Breathing Air Compressors are available with the same features of the CENTAUR and are available in a Standard Vertical Enclosed, or ENBARR Open Vertical frames. The Standard Systems are equipped with a magnetic starter and overload protector with a PLC Controller and LCD display.
9-26 CFM, 5000-6000 PSI Single/Three Phase Electric, Gas, Diesel, or Dual Drive

Standard Features:
• Complete Gauge Panel w/Gauge for Each Stage of Compression and Oil Pressure
• Electrical Assembly w/PLC Controller
• Panel mounted Hour Meter
• High Temperature, Low Oil Pressure safety shutdown
• High Pressure Shutdown, and Auto On Switch
• Relief Valves on Each Stage of Compression
• Auto Condensate Drain w/ Solenoid Valve and Reservoir
• Purification System providing Grade "E" Air
• Remote Air Intake Kit
• Electronic Digital CO Monitor
• Electronic H2O Monitor

STALLION AIR Containment Fill Stations are tested to protect the operator from over-pressure and fragmentation per NFPA 1901.

Standard Features:


1.    All Steel Construction With Powder Coat Finish

2.    3rd Party Tested to Meet NFPA 1901 Standard

3.    Ergonomic Design Offers Easy Loading of Cylinders

4.    Heads-Up Control Panel Allows Monitoring and Adjustments from a Standing Position

5.    Blast Tubes Direct Air Blast and Debris Away from the Operator Should a Failure Occur

6.    2 or 3 SCBA Containment Recharging

7.    Designed to Fit All SCBA Sizes and Pressures

8.    Fill Control Valve For Each Cylinder

9.    Adjustable, Self Venting Regulator with Inlet and Outlet Gauges

10. Liners to Reduce Wear to SCBA Cylinders

STALLION Air Purification Systems purify high pressure air to a quality that meets or exceeds the requirements of CGA Pamphlet G-7, Compressed Air for Human Respiration, ANSI /CGA G-7.1, Commodity Specification for Air, Grade E, and all other recognized standards for breathing air. Our systems are built to the highest standards in the industry and include a back pressure priority regulator, check valve and system isolation valve. Purification filters tilt outward for ease of replacement. As with all of the STALLION AIR products, all components are made in the USA. 


CAM-900 Carbon Monoxide Monitor

The CAM 900 is continuous monitor for compressed air systems. A small ( 0.5 SCFH) sample is provided to the monitor from the compressed air line. Audio and visual alarms are provided when the internal electrochemical sensor detects a carbon monoxide level of 10 ppm or greater in compliance with Federal OSHA regulations under Title 29, Section 1910.134 (d) (1) & (2). In addition, the alarms sound if the air sample to the sensor is not within the proper sample range. A digital read-out continuously shows carbon monoxide level and allows for simple single gas calibration.



We invite you to explore all of our products online and check back often as we continue to add innovative items to meet the needs of our customers. Call VITCO for information and pricing. We do not sell online at this time. Call 800-868-4826 or Fax your requirements to Telefax: 478-745-5916


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